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Intercept  Mission

Author: Peter Dooley


AI Aircraft: Bjorn Buchner


To intercept 6 unidentified aircraft over the South Atlantic Ocean headed directly for Cape Town city at dawn



To intercept 6 unidentified aircraft over the South Atlantic Ocean headed directly for Cape Town city at dusk




























A spectacular high speed intruder intercept mission for the Mirage F1CZ-206 requiring split second timing and precision navigation using the TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) system.

This mission uses AI aircraft flying in close formation and intercepted over the uncharted waters of the South Atlantic Ocean 120nm off the coast of Cape Town.

You will take part in a joint military intercept mission and see a SAAF squadron of AI Mirage F1's fly through the intruders at 40 degrees to your flight path whilst you dive through the formation from the rear. The intruders will immediately split their formation and you are required to chase the leader and escort him to the nearest air force base where after, depending on your remaining fuel, you may have to execute an ILS approach to your diversion destination FACT (Cape Town International Airport) in controlled airspace under ATC guidance.

Split second timing and precision navigation are required in order to locate the intruder formation and perform the intercept whilst avoiding collision with your support aircraft coming in from the flank.

AI intruder aircraft were specially created for use in this training mission by Bjorn Buchner.

Formation will split immediately after the first wave of the Mirage support squadron flies through the intruders from the flank

Down load contains:

AI aircraft with traffic bgl


Flight plan

FS2004 flight files


Mission 165/168

Afterburner and engine effect

for use with  F1CZ-206 package (Ver.1)

Smoke trail has been added with full afterburner (ver.2)












Author: Oliver  "Redhawk" Garbers


Readme.txt file included

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