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Feedback received from Major Arthur Piercy - ex Mirage F1 pilot

Hi Dave and Peter,
Thank you for allowing me the privilege to test fly your F1 Flight Sim. What a fantastic product.
Firstly let me say that it brought back incredible memories because I was amazed by the reality of the cockpit. Everything was exactly how and where I remember it. Well done Guys!! Looking at this cockpit made me feel like I was actually back in the aircraft. It is uncanny to see the accuracy of the layout, the look, positioning and function of each gauge. I am sure you must have had many a headache reproducing the cockpit so accurately within the constraints of the Microsoft software.
I only wish we had a bigger screen so we could fit the entire cockpit on it including the side panels etc but hey this is after all only Microsoft Flight Sim.
Would I be wrong in saying that this was designed for the more experienced aviator? This aircraft is moving away from the little boys. The 'amateurs/novices' are going to have to spend some time reading the manual and doing a lot of practice flights before they will be able to master this aircraft properly. A true reflection of reality! I wouldn't be surprised if you receive a few complaints from people struggling to fly this aircraft. It is sensitive and rightly so.
I was really impressed with the overhaul handling and performance of the aircraft. From the time I opened the throttle, lighted the afterburner and set of down the runway to flying the ILS and landing the aircraft I was amazed by the accuracy of the performance. It really felt I was doing the real thing. If only I had a force-feedback joystick! My joystick is a little sensitive but I am sure after a few flights I will have it all under control again.
One of the fields I felt necessary to test your aerodynamic model on was the Mach 2 run. I was amazed to see that when I flew the profile correctly as it was taught to us I was able to reach Mach 2 fairly easily. Actually if anything it might have been a little easier with your aircraft than in the real aircraft. I was particularly impressed to see the over-speed kick in and to see the shock-cone indicator match the mach no.  I then went on and did a few of the performance investigation exercises we used during my flying. I was impressed with the accuracy I found. How you managed to manipulate the Microsoft parameters is nothing short of a miracle because I am sure they never intended to accommodate an F1.

You guys have done an absolutely outstanding job.

Keep it up!
Arthur Piercy
3 Squadron F1CZ 206


Lt. General Carlo Gagiano, Chief of the S.A. Air Force  - back in the cockpit

The General was amazed by the aerodynamic model and panel and recorded this comment in our log book  "Great handling. When last I saw this airframe it was not in a great shape. Well done"

Lt General Gagiano was the formation leader that led the attack in Angola in 1987 where this aircraft (tail number 206 flown by his wingman, Arthur Piercy) was hit by a missile fired from a Mig23



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