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WX360 Air Traffic Control SIMULATOR



On 6 may 2011, at the official launch of the WX360 Aerodrome Simulator simulator at 43 Air School in Port Alfred,

the Chief of the South African Air-force (SAAF) Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano announced that the  SAAF would be

using the WX360 simulator for the training of their ATC students as from 1 October 2011


Apart from their many successful ATC courses, 43 Air School has also found the simulator to be an effective training

platform for their PPL students in RT and language proficiency .


The Barlog WX360 Aerodrome Simulator design provides a unique feature in that it is presently the only 360° ATC
simulator in South Africa.

The design is such that once inside, the 25,000,000 pixel visual system creates a realistic and totally
immersive three dimensional panoramic view of the airfield.

The 7,5 m diameter tower structure is spacious which allows for a Tower and Ground position, Clearance delivery
frequency and provides sufficient room to work in when instructing and evaluating trainee ATC personnel.

Apart from a well designed generic aerodrome that caters for most complex training requirements, our client can
have any number of airports located anywhere in the world added to facilitate home base training and validations

The WX360 simulator has an impressive list of more than 200 aircraft to choose from for ATC training. The 12
“pilot” positions allow each aircraft/vehicle, in the exercise, to be operated by a different “pilot” removing
the possibly of voice misidentification that may be frequently experienced by the student ATC when communicating
with a “pilot” who flies or operates more than one aircraft/vehicle at a time in conventional simulators.

The design phase and software development for this project commenced more than 5 years ago and at the end of
2010 the designs were committed to manufacture and delivered and installed successfully and on schedule for the
SACAA audit that was conducted on site at Port Alfred on the 31 March 2011.

Aircraft emergencies including crash emergencies with realistic fire/smoke generated for visual effect are included.

During the audit it was stated by Mr. Rob Purkiss of the SACAA that “I have seen a number of
360° simulators worldwide and the WX360 is by far better than anything I have ever seen.”

WX360 ATC Tower

The Barlog WX360 ATC Simulator with En-Route and Approach capabilities provides an ideal training platform
for air traffic controllers in a multi session and flexible exercise system.

The system comprises stand alone modular control positions arranged into a circular control tower with dynamic
traffic generated by simulator pilots.

A panoramic 360 degree high definition visual system delivers a complete reproduction of a real Airport Control
Tower, with its realistic tailored design of aerodrome scenes complimented by monitors, elements and other
devices found in the real tower room. This allows a total reproduction of operating conditions found in the
modern tower including MET processing, Airport Lighting Control, Navigational aids Status etc

We are capable of reproducing any airfield in the world together with its associated airspaces. This facilitates
"home base" familiarization and training and customized National Airspace training.

Over 200 aircraft call-signs are provided and include liveries of most airlines found at major airports worldwide.

Barlog offers a full support package including database updates and where required, add-on software
for additional aerodromes and tailored enhancements to meet any changes in the training requirements.

The system provides digital voice, data and 2D radar type recording of lessons that can be analyzed during the exercise
evaluations, infringement and workload evaluation.

The system provides on-line adaptation of the external tower's environment allowing for modification of the student's
Meteorological and lighting conditions and information and provides a seamless environmental change of light conditions,
clouds, precipitation, wind and visibility all seen in the visual displays that allows for visual meteorological observations.

These are highly realistic and provide ideal LVP and other inclement weather training.

Aircraft emergencies including crash emergencies with realistic fire / smoke generators in the visual scene.


The modular design is robust and highly flexible and uses integrated COTS architecture.

Control, supervision, exercise scheduling, preparation and design are special features along with ease
of maintenance.

Barlog provides a total turnkey solution to its customers. Our design features are reliable with a built-in
redundancy solutions reducing the possibility of downtime significantly.

The LAN based system with up to 100 working positions that may be operated simultaneously to
meet the training requirements of our customers.

Tailored visual solutions for the 3D scene as well as pilot positions by state-of-the-art visual image
generators create good depth perception and realism.

Visualization by a networked multi-channel visual system of HD  LED large format screens totaling
25,000,000 pixels with a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio creates the perfect solution to meet the demands
of the modern ATC training requirements.

Digital Voice Communication with selectable radio frequencies and inter-phone


The modular design of this simulator is such that it can easily be packed into a container and shipped

anywhere in the world and facilitates quick. assembly and commissioning

The simulator is a fully equipped state-of-the-art aerodrome simulator that creates

the impression of being in a real tower




Wx360 Bravo Apron

 Screenshots showing and example of the visual content

WX360 Tower View




WX360 Day scene

The crystal clear LED visual system allows the WX360 to be operated in full ambient daytime lighting conditions without the need to dim the lights




WX 360 Structure

A 3D CAD diagram showing the simulator's unique compact modular design that is spacious enough to accommodate a full compliment of tower staff as well as an instructor and two evaluators. Any number of radar positions may be added as stand alone radar consoles using the same easy to assemble modular units


WX360 Top view



The simulator has 12 pilot positions around the outside perimeter from which the aircraft are operated.



WX360 ATC simulator Control center

The WX360 has a fully equipped exercise coordinator's control room from which weather, lesson scheduling, flight scheduling recording etc is conducted.

This removes the burden from the instructor during the lesson. In addition to the communications radio, the control center is also equipped with an interphone that facilitate communications between instructor and pilots outside of the active frequency



WX360 ATC pilot




Simulator pilots are ATC students who quickly learn how to fly realistic aircraft at realistic speeds and flight dynamics using the

Automatic Flight Guidance System as a navigation aid.


The aircraft may also be flown by hand. All taxi functions are controlled directly by the pilot bringing a dynamic and realistic ground movement dimension into the scenario.

This realism creates the perfect training environment whereby students are exposed to the RT and flight procedures from a pilot's perspective as part of their initial training.

This method of teaching speeds up the ATC training process once the ATC simulator pilots move inside the tower





CAA inspection of WX360 ATC simulator

The state-of-the-art Barlog 360° Aerodrome Simulator was approved for training at the 43 Air School campus at Port Alfred by the SACAA-ATS inspectors on 31 March 2011

The Air Traffic Services College at 43 Air School will provide students with the highest training standards
in line with the South African Civil Aviation Authority Regulations and in accordance with the ICAO standards
using our state-of-the-art Barlog 360° Aerodrome Simulator.

Opening - SAAF Chief

The formal opening ceremony by the Chief of the South African Air Force and Government officials at the
43 Air School Air Traffic Controller training center on the 6 May 2011 marks an important historical event
in the South African Aviation training industry by the introduction of the first and only 360° 3D visual
system air traffic control simulator in South Africa.

The Chief of the SAAF announced that the WX360 ATC simulator would be used by the airforce for training.

Lt Gen Gagiano and Peter Dooley

Lt General Carlo Gagiano with Peter Dooley, of Barlog Management Systems during the official opening


A fully integrated Radar simulator has now been added to 43 Air School making this

SA CAA ATS certified to meet all requirements relating to:

bulletThe capability to simulate a near identical working environment for Approach Radar Control sectors found in South Africa .
bulletThe suitability for rating validation training ( the 50% allowable in accordance with CAR Part 65).
bulletThe suitability for rating validation training and assessment in respect of Approach Radar.
bulletThe capability to simulate all emergency situations applicable to the sector under simulation.
bulletThe suitability for conducting annual proficiency checks.

This simulator was designed and and manufactured in South Africa by Barlog Management Systems cc,
a 100% South African owned company

For further details contact Peter Dooley at:

Marketing and Simulator Business Development

Mobile +27 82 495 4031

eMail:  peter@dooley.co.za



A special thanks to Johan van Wyk and Aeroworxsa as well as Col Brian van Hout

for their contributions



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