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Mirage Simulator

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F1-CZ 206 cockpit restored



Our Mirage F1CZ simulator is fully functional with accurate aerodynamic model and systems. It includes all the known failures


History of the Mirage

In 1954 Dassault took the plans of the Fairey F.D.2, a tailless delta-winged research aircraft designed for Mach  2 and, with Fairey's assistance, used this as the basis of a fighter to be called MIRAGE. First, came a simple research aircraft, Mirage I, flown on 25 June 1955. The twin-engine Mirage II was discarded on 30 January 1956 and within 9 months Dassault created Mirage III, powered by an afterburning Atar. On 24 October 1958, Roland Glavany in a Mirage IIIA reached over Mach 2 in level flight, the first time this had been achieved in Europe.

From the IIIA Dassault developed many versions of the Mirage III, 5 and 50, selling 1,422 to customers worldwide, including 19 air-forces which had previously bought British jet fighters. The same design was scaled up to produce the twin engine Mirage IVA and later the Entendard light fighter, which was developed into various Entendard IV and Super Entendard missile-armed naval attack aircraft.

In 1966, a totally fresh start resulted in the Mirage F1, with fuselage and afterburning Atar engine similar to the delta Mirages but with w much smaller high-mounted swept wing and horizontal tail.

The F1-CZ variant is faster than the Mirage III family as the delta wing of the Mirage III  aircraft created too much drag in combat and high landing speeds. By contrast, the F1-CZ needed 23% less runway for takeoff and has an approach speed 20% lower. The maximum wing loading was also vastly improved by the leading edge slats giving this aircraft more maneuverability and almost double the loading of its predecessor.

The F1-CZ's success was mainly due to the very well laid out cockpit and its major combat aid, the Thompson-CSF Cyrano IV multifunction radar system capable of providing the pilot with automatic follow-up and fire control.

Dassault granted the South African Air-Force a manufacturing license and from 1977, Atlas (DENEL) manufactured these locally, the first being No 204. This was a top secret operation at that stage and it was only in June of 1985 that the first SAAF F1-CZ was displayed and the South African public had the opportunity of seeing what their tax money had bought.

Two F1-CZ's were permanently on standby in a special hangar and a plug in chord kept their systems quietly ticking over for a "Scramble" to intercept any suspicious aircraft appearing over Southern African skies.

The Dassault Mirage F1 is fitted with a SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet rated at 11,023 lb st (49.03 kN) dry and 15,785 lb st (70.21 kN) with afterburning.

Its maximum level speed (clean) at 36,090 ft (11,00 m) is 1,453 mph (2,338 km/h); maximum rate of climb at sea level 41,930 ft (12,780 m) per minute with afterburning, service ceiling of 65,615 ft (20,000 m); combat radius 324 nm (600 km) on a lo-lo-lo attack mission.

An empty weight of 16,313 lb (7400 kg); normal takeoff 24,030 lb (10,900 kg) maximum take-off 35,715 lb (16,200 kg); wing span of 30 ft 6.75 in (9.32 m)



This simulator was built up from the  cockpit of a South African Air force mirage F1-CZ downed by a missile fired from a Mig23 in a dogfight over Angola in 1987


 "I really felt at home and the visuals you guys put together are awesome. Very accurate representation of the real thing" Major Arthur Piercy (Ex mirage F1-CZ pilot who was the last pilot to actually fly in this airframe - tail number SAAF 206)  






We'll bring you up  close to reality...





The aviation industry have this to say about our simulation standards:-

"Great handling. Well done" - Lt. General Carlo Gagiano,  Chief of the South African Air Force - ex F1-CZ pilot.   More Feedback click here

"Absolutely fantastic." Major Mitz Maritz - ex Mirage F1 pilot (April 1977)

"A fantastic flight, awesome handling" Lt Vaughn Gryffenberg - Silver Falcon No.2 EVG (SAAF aerobatic team)

"Some excellent memories. An awesome job - Congratulations" Andrea Serra - ex 2 SQN "Raptor" (ex Cheetah pilot)

"Absolutely amazing ! You guys have achieved an awesome feat." Capt. Tony van Vliet - SAA Simulator Training captain and Designated Examiner

Click here to see video

"Brilliant !" Ernest Claasen - "Great" Anton Heyn - South African Civil Aviation Authority inspectors (CAA)

"Very nice, beautifully constructed, fun to fly. Really enjoyed it." Gavin Hafkamp - Commercial pilot and flight instructor

"The gauges and flight model are still the highlight. Very good control. Excellent, well done" Captain A vo Vyver - 41 SQN

"Beautiful Sim guys - AWESOME STUFF!!  - Pierre du Bruin - commercial pilot

"This is really as real as it gets !" Michael Black - Aviation journalist and simulation expert

"Excellent design. The gauges are brilliant" A vd Vivier - commercial pilot

"Fantastic setup" Kevin Olgen - Cheetah pilot - 2 SQN SAAF

"Well done guys" Karl Jensen - Retired SAA 747-400 captain

"Worth the obvious sweat. Sensitivities are great" Bob Corbett - Flight Instructor - Cape Town

"Very realistic. Well done on your achievement" Tyrone Burlison - Aircraft Systems Analyst, SAA technical

"I like the responsiveness and feeling of power" Natalia Gynku - Russian "Sky Knights Aerobatic Team "- L29 fighter jet pilot

"First time in a fighter jet - fantastic" FW Zmon - Swiss airline pilot -  MD80

"What a wonderful experience" - Ampie Steynberg - Commercial pilot (Citation)

"Beyond my capabilities. I had a tiger by the tail" - Maurice Roundy - ATP 1799749 - U.S.A.

"The most fantastic experience. thanks a million " Charles Enever Airline Captain  B737-800

"Fabulous piece of work. Thank you" Darry Neelakandan - Flight instructor

"Speechless experience! Thanx"  Stephan Strydom Ailine pilot A340 SAA

"Absolutely awesome flying"  Antony Norse Aerobatic pilot - Pitts Special

"I also want one in my house" Sonja Nel  CEO -Pretoria Flying School

"Amazing - U okes are great" Chalie Hughes - Aerobatic pilot -

Warbird Nanchang

"I have seen a number of 360 degree ATC simulators worldwide but the WX 360 ATC simulator is by far much better than anything I have ever seen" Rob Purkins - CAA 

Photo with kind permission Ipms South Africa

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