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This community page contains free upgrades for use with the F1CZ-206 panel and air files.

Feel free to submit your own contribution for inclusion on this page **

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Free download - 3D model of F1CZ-206 by Kirk Olssen (includes 2 models and panel upgrade)

(requires our F1-206 package)







New Releases -

Model by Kirk Olssen

Compatibility patch (for use with our F1CZ-206 package)

Panel Upgrade!

The long awaited F1 model of Kirk Olsson has finally been released on and



For your convenience we have created a compatibility patch and panel upgrade for use with these aircraft. Also included is the F1-CZ  3D model by Kirk Olssen painted in SAAF colors and tail number 206 by Jens-Ole Kjolberg. (see below)

NEW  PANEL- The main panel textures included in the panel upgrades were created from actual photographs of the original panel of 206 taken shortly after the aircraft was hit by a missile fired by a Mig23 over Angola in 1987 (see screen shot and download below)



We congratulate Kirk, Jens-Ole, Frank and the team on a first class product.




Panel Upgrade

Includes free compatibility patch for use with any of Kirk Olssen's 3D models

(requires our F1-206 package)









































Intercept  Mission

Author: Peter Dooley


AI Aircraft: Bjorn Buchner


To intercept 6 unidentified aircraft over the South Atlantic Ocean headed directly for Cape Town city at dawn



To intercept 6 unidentified aircraft over the South Atlantic Ocean headed directly for Cape Town city at dusk



Down load contains:

AI aircraft with traffic bgl


Flight plan

FS2004 flight files


Mission 165/168

(requires our F1-206 package)






















































A spectacular high speed intruder intercept mission for the Mirage F1CZ-206 requiring split second timing and precision navigation using the TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) system or alternate standard navigation plan.

This mission uses AI aircraft flying in very close formation and intercepted over the uncharted waters of the South Atlantic Ocean 120nm off the coast of Cape Town.

You will take part in a joint military intercept mission and see a SAAF squadron of AI Mirage F1's fly through the intruders at 40 degrees to your flight path whilst you dive through the formation from the rear. The intruders will immediately split their formation once they see your support group and you are required to chase the leader and escort him to the nearest air force base where after, depending on your remaining fuel, you may have to execute an ILS approach to your diversion destination FACT (Cape Town International Airport) in controlled airspace under ATC guidance.

Split second timing and precision navigation are required in order to locate the intruder formation and perform the intercept whilst avoiding collision with your support aircraft coming in from the flank.

(Please note: The support aircraft are not AI planes and the original F1CZ-206 aircraft are used. You should not experience any significant frame rate loss as the intercept takes place over the open sea. Please write to if you experience any difficulty with these.

AI aircraft specifically for this mission by Bjorn Buchner.

Formation will split immediately after the first wave of the Mirage support squadron flies through the intruders from the flank


Can be flown using TACAN or standard navigation

MISSION 165   (Test your navigation skills requires AI traffic files available as a free download above)


Mission To intercept unidentified aircraft heading directly to Cape Town city using standard navigation method (i.e. non - TACAN)

Radio communications - This mission is carried out in radio silence.

Navigation Use VOR/VORTAC beacons and fly headings and radial intercepts as listed in the flight plan below.

Timing Fly at appropriate speeds to reach each waypoint at the times / minute markers as indicated

Attack Fly through intruders from above / behind  and tail the formation leader caution the support squadron attacking / breaking the formation from your 9 o clock position. Your attack time is synchronized to take place immediately after the last support aircraft is clear


DEPARTURE  FALW  TIME 07H01 (Local 08H01)






D40.0 RIV  R-191 TURN RIGHT HDG 264  FL360 TIME 10


ICPT D39.0 CTV R-220  TIME 11


ICPT D51.0 CTV  R-232 TIME 12


ICPT D64.0 CTV R-239 TIME 13


ICPT D78.0 CTV  R-244 TIME 14


ICPT D93.0 CTV  R-247 TIME 15


ICPT D107.0 CTV  R-249 TIME 16


D112.0 CTV TURN RIGHT HDG 071 DESCEND FL290  Reduce SPD 480kts 





INTERCEPT (6 Unidentified Impala Aircraft HDG 070 FL 270)      


VOR Frequencies

RIV  117.6

CTV  115.7


Cannon and  afterburner effect

designed for use with  F1CZ-206 package (Ver.3)




For free cannon download click here










Author: Oliver  "Redhawk" Garbers

Credits: Sound - Doug Dawson

            AB - Alphasim with permission

            XML gauges - Mr Thorsten Gaedtke


Readme.txt file included

With thanks to Redhawk's Wharf for their dedication and superb effects








Note: Always make a backup of your original files before installing any of these freeware add-on packages



**Disclaimer: Authors who submit items for posting on this page, by so doing, indemnify Dooley's Flight Simulation and its owners against any third party claims relating to copyright or any other legal claims that may arise as a result of that posting or use thereof

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